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Battenberg Robotic systems are easy to program, freely parameterizable and quick to convert. With its RobFlow© measuring software and its numerous plug-ins, Battenberg's robotic measuring offers a wide range of additionally adaptable measuring technology and special tools for quality inspection. Battenberg robotic systems have also established themselves in climatic chambers, for touch functions, in production and assembly.

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In combination with our RobFlow© measurement software, various quality testing methods can be virtually generated, simulated and carried out directly on a real robotic measuring system for the first time. Complex test procedures can be programmed offline, measurement processes can be virtually planned and optimized by simulating the sensor data of the test parameters in addition to movements of the robot

  • Virtual robot cells and components for evaluating the quality of assembly and products using CAD data.
  • Virtual testing of virtual, functional components and virtual illustration of specified testing and assembly steps.
  • Quick product development, adherence to schedules, significant time and cost savings.
  • Safe commissioning at global production sites.
  • Programming training or contract programming by Battenberg.
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Robsimulation digital twin
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Robotic Measuring

Robotic measuring combines robots, measurement and test sensors. By integrating external measurement techniques, interfaces and using the intelligent Battenberg measurement software RobFlow©, test processes can be programmed effortlessly via drag & drop. This not only ensures reproducible measurement methods, but also makes the test results comparable with each other.

  • Move, measure, analyze: Highly accurate real-time measurements of force and path.
  • Automation through virtual programming and measurements using 3D scanners and cameras.
  • Simulation of sensor-guided assembly of robotic measuring and components.
  • Flexibly convertible for other kinematic components.
  • Integration with laboratory management systems and production.
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A milestone in our development, the Battenberg RobMobil, an autonomous mobile robot for free, self-navigating programming. The agility of production lines and their efficiency are increased enormously thanks to their flexible usability.

  • Mobile robotic measuring with direct WLAN connection.
  • Variable functional assurances.
  • Virtually simulated and direct transfer of results.
  • Independent navigation.
  • Independent execution of test tasks.
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RobFolw Software on a desktop screen


The RobFlow© software is at the heart of the Battenberg Robotic Measuring and enables the creation and execution of measurements, analyzes and evaluation functions for objective quality assessment in an intuitive way. The modular and flexible structure of RobFlow© offers users a toolbox with a variety of selectable sensors and program components that can be individually parameterized to meet different measurement requirements.

  • Easy to use for the quick and intuitive creation of test procedures.
  • No knowledge of programming languages or robot commands is required for use.
  • Interactions of other sensors, measurement technology and externally connected peripheral devices are possible.
  • Automated processing, analysis and evaluation, as well as export of measurement data and characteristics.
  • Flexible and expandable thanks to a large plugin architecture.
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Battenberg Robotic Measuring

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