Battenberg Robotic Measuring meets autonomous mobility

RobMobil is a self-navigating mobile robot (Autonomous Mobile Robot, AMR) that can be used for decentralized measurement and 3D scanning tasks indoors and outdoors. The mobile platform, with the 7-axis cobot, autonomously navigates the mounted tool sensors to specified target coordinates in space. Large-scale freeform surfaces can be scanned with a 3D scanner on the go. With the RobSimulation software, the entire RobMobil process can be simulated virtually. Using optical sensors, the RobMobil automatically measures the test objects. Existing reference points are identified and measured in order to determine the object position using a CAD model. The RobMobil is located outdoors using a high-precision GPS system. An RTLS (real-time location system) is used for indoor use.

RobMobil advantages

Direct WiFi transmission

The optimized simulation results are transferred directly to the real RobMobil for execution via WLAN.

Mobile robotic measuring

With RobMobil, we offer the mobile robotic measuring for flexible assembly tasks and quality reviews in flow or cycle mode.

Variable functional protection

Functional vehicle protection at decentralized vehicle positions and flexible indoor and outdoor production cells.

Can be simulated virtually

With DigitalTwin, the defined RobMobil movements, the measurement and test sensors, the test object, the interfaces and the test functions can be virtually simulated.

Independent execution of the test task

Thanks to the adapted measurement optics on the robotic hand, the RobMobil can automatically adjust itself to the coordinate system of the test object. In this way, the test task can be carried out efficiently using the adapted test sensors.

Independent navigation

RobMobil navigates autonomously using battery drives, ultrasonic and lidar sensors, and precise measurement optics. It uses real-time localization sensors indoors and GPS outdoors to reach the test positions.

Standardization in quality assurance and production

Standardised interior and exterior testing procedures for haptic, optical and geometric components in quality assurance and production.

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