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Our robotic measurement system has a wide range of applications, in particular in industries such as the automotive industry, aerospace, medical technology and in the quality assessment of lifestyle products. A comprehensive quality assessment is crucial for any successful brand and quality policy, both in research and development, and in the production and development of products.

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Overview of all industries



Battenberg Messrobotic has been testing vehicle components in research, development, production and end-of-line assessments for over 40 years. The results are used for cause-effect analysis and quality improvement. The areas of application are determined by the requirements of the specifications, the test tasks and environmental conditions.

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Aircraft being assembled


The functional protection of aircraft cockpits is subject to very strict functional tests at specified maintenance intervals. Actuation functions, haptic and optical measurement functions are carried out with the Battenberg measurement robot. Measuring, analyzing, evaluating and documenting cockpit parameters under various environmental conditions meets the high requirements of safety and quality control.

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Robot examines the face of a doll


The market approval of medical devices places very high requirements for conformity assessments as part of quality assurance and functionality. The devices must go through transparent and reproducible tests,
to document medical functional records and to simultaneously meet monitoring and compliance with important compliance standards. To validate the functional tests of medical devices, the Battenberg measurement robot is used to guide the operation and check the device specifications.

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Robot and plant


With their special characteristics, lifestyle products aim to reach an emotional customer address and meet subjective customer expectations. Contact via physiological perceptions leads to decisive subjective product evaluations. The determination of functionally haptic and visual evaluations of lifestyle products through physical measurement variables is a task of Battenberg Messrobotic.

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Battenberg Robotic Measuring

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Battenberg ROBOTIC

“Making tangible product properties measurable and reproducible, a robot that can measure haptic quality characteristics.”

That was the task more than 40 years ago. We have accepted and mastered this challenge. The beginnings of Battenberg measurement robotics have been continuously developed, improved and perfected over the years. The combination of hardware, software and sensors as a basic technology for measuring, testing, analyzing and evaluating products and quality features across the entire product value chain.

Qualitatively reliable, highly precise, reproducible and flexible

High-quality, reliable and repeatable measurement variables for easy comparability, can be flexibly converted to other measurement tasks and measurement techniques thanks to numerous RobFlow© plug-ins.

Consistent experience and a high level of know-how

Almost half a century of experience and existing know-how stands for guaranteed, continuous development. The latest milestones in Battenberg measurement robotics are the RobSimulation software and RobMobil mobile measurement robotics (AMR).

High time and cost savings

Automation in quality testing using reference bodies and prefabricated calibration processes. Work efficiently through virtual offline programming using your own CAD/3D data, time-shifted and location-based measurements and test procedures.

Valued customer service

The satisfaction and smooth functionality of our measurement systems is very important to us. Whether it involves support, sensor calibrations, maintenance and contract measurements, or jointly developments, we are always on the side of our customers.

Our products/solutions

Measuring robot examines air vents


Messrobotic is a combination of robots, measurement and test sensors, external measurement technology, interfaces and the standard RobFlow© measurement software, enabling test sequences to be programmed using the drag & drop method.

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RobSimulation is the software for virtual simulations of measurement robotics. Real test cells, robots, measurement sensors, tools and test sequences are simulated in RobSimulation.

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RobMobil Image


RobMobil is an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) with a 7-axis cobot and measurement sensors that can independently perform quality inspections at selectable production positions.

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The RobFlow© measuring software is the core competence of Battenberg Messrobotic for measuring, analysing and evaluating objective quality characteristics.

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Battenberg measurement robots are standard in Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico and China.

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