Modelling, simulating and programming virtual robot cells

With RobSimulation, offline programming of test cells can be carried out in virtual space long before the real components are available. RobSimulation generates 3-dimensional, virtual components, test cells and robots from CAD data. In combination with RobFlow©, the test procedures can be programmed and are simulated in RobSimulation. The optimized simulation processes are transferred directly to the real test cells for virtual commissioning. This largely saves manual programming work on site and enables commissioning to be carried out on time.

Benefits of RobSimulation

Elimination of process and robot programming

With the direct transfer of optimized simulation results to real systems, previous process and robot programming is increasingly being eliminated through additional on-site work. The provision of test procedures at other locations ensures the comparability of quality measurements.

Standardizable production and quality processes

RobSimulation works with DigitalTwins and FunctionalTwins and uses real sensor measurement values to simulate the functional functioning of the test components. In combination with RobFlow© measurement software, the robotic measuring can be transferred from reality to the virtual world and back again without effort.

Costs and benefits

Offline programming enables a direct and safe start of test processes on the real test object, without complex manual programming on the test bench. The provision of test procedures at other locations ensures the comparability of quality measurements. This results in considerable time and cost savings.

Answering important questions

RobSimulation delivers sensor data based on a physics engine and can also provide laser line, image data or distance sensors. This allows geometric questions such as the accessibility of measurement points to be answered, as well as to simulate force-controlled measurement runs.

Offline programming

With complete offline programming, processes can be optimized long before real components are available. The test cell and the entire test process are visualized in 3 dimensions and can be adapted to the required test task.


In terms of sustainability, avoiding real prototypes saves resources and prevents downtime. In addition, calibrating the object coordinate system into the robot coordinate system using reference points or 3D scanners enables visual start-up.

RobSimulation library

Robots, sensors, tools and components can be selected from an extensive RobSimulation library for the virtual construction of the complete robot cell.

Improved customer service

Customer-specific components can be integrated from CAD data, test sequences can be analyzed in-house at Battenberg and errors can be detected. RobFlow© processes can be customized without the need for a physical setup.

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